Clinical Psychiatry

Dr. Joseph has a distinguished medical career and has been providing psychiatric care in Jacksonville and surrounding areas since 1974. Over those years, Dr. Joseph has gained extensive experience as a psychiatrist working in both Outpatient and Inpatient settings, and Mental Health and Counseling Centers. He provides services to Individuals, Couples and Families.

Disorders Treated: Anticipated Benefit from Treatment:
Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar Disorder) Mood stabilization. A return to your "old" self. Regain the ability to enjoy life and connect with your friends and loved ones. Improved sleep and energy level.
Anxiety Disorders Decreased worry and fear. Reduction of accompanying physiological symptoms. Being able to enjoy the moment instead of fretting about the future.
Adult ADHD Improved concentration and focus. Ability to multi-task. Increased organization. Ability to listen more effectively. Increased retention of information.
Marital Discord Enhanced communication. Increased closeness and intimacy. A new sense of togetherness.

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